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Update – The Clot Connect Project

Clot Connect is a collaborative outreach project led by the University of North Carolina Blood Clot Outreach Program. Clot Connect engages community partners to develop and deliver blood clot education programs for both patients and health care professionals.

The progress:

  • The Clot Connect website is now online, accessible at    This format will be the project’s initial public calling card until funds can be secured to develop greater web site capabilities.
  • An email database has been created to accept the contact information of interested persons.  They can sign up for our mailing list via a link on
  • I am writing this new blog, online at As some of you know, I have written a Q& A section for the website for several years. However, much of that information has become dated and is in need of revision and update.   The new Word Press-format blog is an evolution of the Q/A concept, that allows it to be applicable to a wider audience and kept current much more easily.  You can easily subscribe (and unsubscribe) on the blog’s homepage to get automatic email notification of a new post.
  • A work plan is currently being formed for the development of educational materials, including topics, content, presentation format, graphic design, etc.  We will be in touch with more information as these deliverables evolve.
  • I am attaching a .pdf flyer about the Clot Connect project.   Clot Connect Flyer – Feel free to use this and pass along to anyone you wish.  Now that we are online & have the mail database set up, we have enough infrastructure in place to manage interest.  Time to spread the word!

With best regards,

Stephan Moll

Disclosure:  I have no financial conflict of interest relevant to this blog entry.

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