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New DVT – Optimizing Treatment – ATTRACT Trial

If you or somebody you know has been diagnosed in the last 14 days with a new DVT of the leg (thigh or pelvic veins), I would encourage you to consider participation in the ATTRACT trial – a solid, clinically useful study (NIH funded) that investigates how to minimize the long-term complications after a blood clot – chronic leg pain and swelling (called the post-thrombotic syndrome).

The study investigates whether dissolving the clot with some clot-busting medication and removing it through a catheter (= thrombectomy) leads to less long-term leg pain and swelling. As of 2011, we do not know whether it does. That’s why the study is so important.  So far, (Feb 26th, 2011), 118 patients are participating in the study nationwide. The goal is to have 692 patients participate.

Information about the trial is here. There are 45 sites in the U.S. enrolling patients into this trial (to find a site near you, click here). This is not a very time intense trial for the patient, so if you live within 3-4 hours of such a site, I think it is worthwhile to consider participation. Your local treating doctor does not have to be a direct part of the ATTRACT network – your participation can still be arranged. My suggestion: reach out to the ATTRACT site nearest to you and ask about the study. Then see whether you want to participate. The doctor at the ATTRACT site will then, of course, also talk to your local doctor. Participating in the trial would give you state-of-the-art medical treatment. Please also help spread the word about the trial to other people with new DVT that you know – so that other patients have a chance to participate in this study.


For Health Care Providers

This same information, written for health care professionals, can be found here.


Disclosure: I have no financial conflict of interest with this blog post. However, I am supporting the trial by being an investigator at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, offering the trial to patients.

Last updated: Feb 25th, 2011

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