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Starting Pradaxa? – Checklist

What topics do you need to discuss with your physican or anticoagulation clinic pharmacist or nurse when you are considering starting Pradaxa (Dabigatran)? A structured, bulleted checklist may be helpful for the discussion, to make sure that all relevant points are addressed. A suggested list is here.

As additional background information, other clinically relevant issues regarding Pradaxa therapy previously discussed on the Clot Connect blogs are:

Support Forum:  Questions or comments about Pradaxa and its use?  Go to the online Clot Connect Support Forum, category “Anticoagulant Use (Blood Thinners)”.

Acknowledgement:  The checklist in this blog was developed by Diane Merrill, nurse practitioner, Mecklenburg Medical Group, Charlotte, NC.

For Health Care Professionals:  This same information, written for health care professionals, can be found here.

Disclosure:  The authors have no financial conflict of interest relevant to this educational post.

Last updated:  June 22nd, 2011

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