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Arixtra (Fondaparinux), Generic

“Is generic Arixtra as safe and effective as brand Arixtra?” a patient asks.  Answer: Yes.

Generic fondaparinux made by Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. was approved by the FDA on July 11, 2011 (announcement about approval here).  Fondaparinux (Arixtra) is a once daily blood thinner (anticoagulant) that is injected underneath the skin. It can be given

  • for DVT prevention at a lower, i.e. prophylaxctic, dose, or
  • for treatment of DVT and PE at a higher, i.e;. at full therapeutic dose in the first few days when warfarin is being started, or
  • as an alternative to warfarin in patients who have had recurrent clots in spite of adequate INR values on warfarin (i.e. in patients in whom warfarin has failed).

Disclosure: I have no conflict of interest relevant to this post.

Last updated: Sept 26th, 2011

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