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Xarelto – What your Physician / Hospital Wants to Know

Stephan Moll, MD writes…

If you are considering to start therapy with the new oral “blood thinner” Xarelto® (Rivaroxaban), there are a few safety nets that your local hospital and physician may want to establish to make therapy as safe as possible for you.  Issues to be addressed are (a) dosing, (b) management of major bleeding, (c) interruption of therapy for surgery, dental procedures, or other procedures, and d) what to do if you missed a dose..

These issues are probably best addressed by the establishment of a treatment algorithm/guide/help for the whole hospital or physician practice.  As an example, here is the document that we developed for our institution, the University of North Carolina (UNC) Health Care System. Your physicians and pharmacists are welcome to (a) take this document and use it as a clinical reference for management issues, or (b) modify it to fit their practice.

Support Forum:  Questions or comments about Xarelo and its use? Go to the online Clot Connect Support Forum, category “Anticoagulant Use (Blood Thinners)”.

Disclosure: I have no financial conflict of interest relevant to this educational post.

Last updated: May 2nd, 2012


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