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Arm and Leg Veins – Anatomy and Terminology

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Confusion as to which veins of arms and legs are superficial and which are deep can lead to an incorrect diagnosis. As treatment of clots in superficial veins (= superficial thrombophlebitis) is different to that of clots in deep veins (DVT = deep vein thrombosis), the distinction between superficial and deep veins is important. Read the rest of this entry »

May-Thurner Syndrome

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Some people have a narrowing of their big left pelvic vein (= left common iliac vein) that can put them at risk for a blood clot (deep vein thrombosis = DVT) in that area and in the left leg. The narrowing is due to pressure onto the vein by the overlying big pelvic artery (= right common iliac artery), shown on image 1 . This condition is called May Thurner syndrome. Read the rest of this entry »