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Athletes and Blood Clots

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Can Athletes With DVT or PE Return To Play? Fact-Based Rather Than Emotional Reasoning  

Stephan Moll, MD1, Joshua Berkowitz, MD2, Philip Blatt, MD, FACP3


Every so often news hit the media that a prominent athlete has had a blood clot: NBA athlete Chris Bosh and NHL’s Steven Stamkos most recently, NBA’s Mirza Teletović and NHL’s Cody McCormick in 2015, tennis player Serena Williams in 2011 Read the rest of this entry »

What Causes Clots? – A Family Study

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It is known that the risk for blood clots in the leg (DVT) and lung (PE) is partly inherited. Some genes that increase the risk for DVT and PE are known (e.g. factor V Leiden, the factor II 20210 mutation, protein, protein C, S and antithrombin mutations). However, it is suspected that many other and, as yet, unidentified genes also increase the risk for DVT and PE. One of the ways to discover such clotting genes is by studying families.

Ongoing Study

A study is presently ongoing at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN,  that is investigating what genes put people at risk for clots (DVT and PE). Read the rest of this entry »