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Low Molecular Weight Heparins – Osteoporosis?

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Occasionally, a patient is treated with long-term low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) (enoxaparin = Lovenox®; Dalteparin = Fragmin®; Tinzaparin = Innohep®) for months or years. LMWH may be given because the patient (a) tolerated warfarin poorly (widely fluctuating INRs; significant side-effects, such as marked hair loss or fatigue), (b) had a recurrent clot which occured on warfarin with a therapeutic INR, or (c) is pregnant and LMWH is the preferred “blood thinner” during pregnancy in women at increased risk for blood clots. The main side-effect of long-term LMWH is, of course, bleeding.

Whether LMWH causes osteoporosis (=loss of bone mass)  is not known, Read the rest of this entry »