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Protein C Deficiency

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What is Protein C?

Protein C is a protein in our blood stream, which prevents blood from clotting too much.  It’s a sort of police protein that keeps our clotting in check.  If protein C levels are low, a person will have a tendency to clot more easily.  Elevated levels of protein C, on the other hand, appear to be irrelevant; they do not lead to an increased bleeding tendency.

What Problems Does Protein C Deficiency Cause?
Inherited protein C deficiency increases the risk for blood clots;  Read the rest of this entry »

Pregnancy Loss and Clotting Disorders

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How common is pregnancy loss? What are the causes?

Pregnancy loss (= miscarriage) in the general population is common. Most losses occur in the first trimester. As many as 5 % of women have 2 or more early losses; 1-2 % have 3 or more early losses [ref 1]. Well established risk factors for pregnancy loss are: (a) advanced age of the mother, (b) anatomic abnormalities of the uterus (such as fibroids), (c) chromosome abnormalities of fetus, the mother or the father, (d) underlying diseases of the mother (endocrine, immunologic), (e) maternal hormonal unbalances.  The acquired clotting disorder called “antiphospholipid antibody syndrome” is also a risk factor for pregnancy loss. The role of inherited clotting disorders (= thrombophilias) contributing to pregnancy loss is less clear. Read the rest of this entry »