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Natural supplements, herbs, vitamins and food: do any prevent blood clots?

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Beth Waldron, Clot Connect Program Director and Stephan Moll, MD, Clot Connect Medical Director write….

Patients who have ended their recommended course of prescription anticoagulation treatment are understandably concerned about a clot recurrence and will ask “is there anything I can do to prevent a future clot?” Some have heard from friends or the internet that a particular herb, vitamin, or food will aid in the prevention of DVT and PE.

Since more than half of adults in the United States take a dietary supplement of some kind, it may be helpful to examine the science behind some of the most common natural supplements and foods said to prevent blood clots.[1] Read the rest of this entry »

Testosterone and Blood Clots

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Replacement therapy with low doses of testosterone does not adversely affect blood coagulation status [ref 1] and does not appear to increase the risk of venous or arterial blood clots. Thrombosis is not listed as a potential side effect in a commly used drug compendium (Micromedex). Furthermore, the 2006 “Clinical Practice Guideline” from the Endocrine Society also does not list blood clots as a side effect of testosterone replacement therapy, or a previous history of blood clots as a reason not to give testosterone replacement therapy [ref 2]. However, the Androgel® package insert (prescribing information) lists “blood clots in the legs” as a potential side effect Read the rest of this entry »